Unlock the Limitless You!


Jacqueline Yafa founded Soulighten with the dedication to share the spark universal Light to uplift your soul. She offers certified courses & private sessions in ThetaHealing® & Crystal Remote Viewing to help intuitively guide and assist you in achieving your goals and creating the life you have always wanted to live.

ThetaHealing® is an extraordinary modality which has helped people clear issues ranging from mysterious
illnesses, soul mate connection, magnetizing manifestation, ranging from physical to emotional to mental. Read about my miraculous recovery from a variety of diagnosis. Learn about ThetaHealing here.

I offer ThetaHealing® sessions face to face, over Skype or phone. Crystal Remote Viewing sessions are face to face only.

Today there are a myriad of factors that contribute to our stress levels which greatly affects our lives in either a positive or negative manner, usually it takes some form of shock or tragedy to turn us to looking for that inner peace, or relaxed, balanced lifestyle we strive and crave for.

At Soulighten, Jacqueline believes in taking an holistic approach to life. Her philosophy is to teach life affirming skills that show you how to heal physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

I look forward to serving you in Light.